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Recipe: Vegan chocolate orange blossom cake in collaboration with Dr. Oetker Switzerland

Being the biggest chocolate fan does not make it easy when it comes to vegan cake creations. I could add chocolate to basically everything. I have tried before to combine the chocolate flavour with strawberries or raspberries - after my opinion a very delicious vegan raw cake combination. Besides of being a very big raw-caking fan who reads with pleasure every kind of cook books or cooking blogs, I love developing my own recipes. Especially the raw cooking diet made me fell in love so much, not only because I'm lactose-intolerant but also because making treats that are similar to traditional recipes is a lot easier. The flavours are more intense, the procedure is fast because you simply blend the...


Rezept: Vegan Detox Cake mit Matcha

A few days ago we had a very fun vegan workshop all about detox & cakes. Can you ever eat cakes & be healthy? Yes, you can! For our vegan detox cake we use matcha. While matcha tea is the “it” health beverage of the moment, it certainly isn’t new. The history of this rich and velvety drink goes back to the Tang Dynasty in China, which ruled between the 7th – 10th centuries. Over time, the matcha tea made its way to Japan, where it began to be incorporated into special tea ceremonies. But why is still so hip? Because health is popular! And this is what we combine in our vegan cakes: good taste with health benefits. We choose for...