What we believe in

LoLa’s Kitchen was founded by Alina Russ because she believes that everyone should be able to eat great tasting food without it weighing on their conscience. We believe that one can combine pure eating pleasure and a healthy lifestyle - for a guilt-free life and a happy mindset.


How we do things

LoLa’s Kitchen slogan is “eat LoLalicous, eat better!” 

Our mission is to make people feel good because they eat good. Where our products are concerned, we cook/bake/create with thoughtfully sourced, locally produced, organic, seasonal ingredients.

LoLa’s Kitchen treats aren’t just healthy for you, but also for Mother Earth.


What we do

LoLa’s Kitchen serves up an array of delicious vegan cakes and treats without gluten, dairy or refined sugar. We deliver our goods to our clients on order.

LoLa’s Kitchen bakes for public and private events, as well as for local suppliers in Zurich.


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